Research and Knowledge Management


ICE supports collaborative research with communities and research institutions on priority issues in natural resource management, food and seed sovereignty and other emerging issues which will be the basis for actions to be taken to provide solutions to the current challenges.


  • Recognizing sacred Natural Sites and Territories in Kenya
  • Legal and Social Analysis of Sacred forests Governance and Management in Kenya.
  • The case for the Legal Recognition of sacred Natural Sites and territories of the people of Masinga.
  • Survey, Mapping and Documentation of sacred Natural Sites along Kathita River.
  • A documentation of Tharaka Traditional Ecological laws.
  • Survey, Mapping and Documentation of sacred Natural Sites in Kivaa, Location, Masinga District.

success stories

  • towards-restoring-ecological-resilience-a-case-study

    Towards restoring...

    Ecosystems when faced by disturbances whether naturally or human-induced work towards recovery – this is a show of ecological resilience. The ease with which a particular ecosystem regains its previous or improved status is a measure of this resilience. Where perturbation is of high magnitude, recovery takes place slowly...

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  • sacred-sites-critical-to-biodiversity

    Sacred Sites...

    For millennia, indigenous and local communities around the world have upheld the responsibilities of their great-great grandparents and their ancestors as the Custodians of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories. Sacred Natural Sites are critical places within ecosystems, such as forests, mountains, rivers and sources of water, which exist as...

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  • the-hill-of-hope

    The Hill...

    Kivaa hill is not an ordinary hill to the people of Matuu as Mzee Munguti Kavivya, chairman of the sacred sites protection group says, “The hill represents the strides we have taken as a community to protect our fragile ecosystem.” “This hill”, he points out, “was the source of rich...

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  • the-new-face-of-eastlands

    The New...

    Elijah Kamau teaches biology at Maina Wanjigi Secondary in the Eastlands area of Nairobi. Eastlands is home to almost seventy percent of the slums in Nairobi. Elijah is involved in a project sponsored by the Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) to promote the planting and care of indigenous...

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