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  • access-to-water

    Access to Water

    Water scarcity is increasingly being exacerbated by environmental degradation and effects of climate change. This has continued to strain...

    Raised: $11605 Goal: $177000
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  • empower-rural-women

    Empower Rural Women

    Non-discrimination of all human regardless of gender is one of the guarantees to realisation of human rights. However, inadequate...

    Raised: $11765 Goal: $58825
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  • green-the-cooking

    Green the Cooking

    Majority of rural households depend on wood fuel for energy. This has led to increased pressure on natural resources...

    Raised: $3859 Goal: $6,250
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  • halt-climate-change

    Halt Climate Change

    ICE is committed to help reverse the threat of climate change, by strengthening measures for environmental sustainability and climate...

    Raised: $8953 Goal: $333765
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  • strengthen-advocacy-networks

    Strengthen Advocacy Networks

    Participation by local communities on matters that affect their economic, social, environmental and cultural rights is still very low...

    Raised: $5378 Goal: $97,288
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  • support-smallholder-farmers

    Support Smallholder Farmers

    The prevailing climate change challenges such as persistent drought and unreliable rainfall has led to disruption of food systems...

    Raised: $57306 Goal: $505,000
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