Access to Water

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Access to Water

Water scarcity is increasingly being exacerbated by environmental degradation and effects of climate change. This has continued to strain communities as it is a major determinant in communities’ well-being.

Majority of ICE target communities rely on rain fed agriculture for their livelihood made them food insecure as well as increasing their vulnerability due to unreliable rainfall experienced. In some areas there is piped water from local water supply agent which is supplied once in a week or in two weeks. Without water storage facility access to household water is inadequate. Women and youth are take a lot of time to fetch water from rivers hence hinder their participation in other community development initiatives. In additional it hinders smallholder farmers to manage kitchen gardens which they rely on to grow diversity of nutritional vegetables and also for income. This also pose a risk to their health condition and nutritional requirements.

To counter this challenge, ICE aims at supporting the vulnerable community groups with water storage structures to enhance water security to enhance reliable water for domestic use including use in the home gardens. This will also reduce time used for sourcing for water from the river.
To achieve this target in period of 2016-2020, ICE needs USD 177,000 to reach out to 1,000 households

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